STEM websites

A NSES supported link to dozens of interactive science, math, and engineering websites.
Games and tutorials for plant and animal biology
Interactive games, tutorials, and activities.

Interactive Science Websites

Science Games for Kids

Kids Educational Websites

Kid’s Corner SCORE Science

ZOOM Science Activities Home and Kitchen Chemistry

Hands-on science/engineering activities that expose students to the Scientific Process.
Full of lesson plans, interactive games and tutorials, as well as hands-on student-engagement-oriented activities that expose students to engineering concepts and principles. Susan Young's students follwed the directions from this site to design and build fantastic popsicle bridges!!!

Sydney Harbor Bridge History
Building Big - Bridges

TEACH Engineering Resources K-12


Johnnie’s Math Page

Math Playground

Coolmath 4Kids


Study Island

Fabulous collection of education videos and activities that can support classroom instruction on the ActivBoard.
Versatile puzzlemaker for vocabulary or spelling.
Interactive websites that work great on ActivBoard: simple machines, anatomy, surgery....

ITEA Standards for Technological Literacy: Content for the Study of Technology, teacher-monitored kid blog!! Amazing learning center that engages all!!

Teacher Resources
Teacher resource site.
Teacher resource site.

National Science Education Standards

The Teacher’s Guide Interactive Sites for Kids

General Education
Forces and Motion of Air in Vertical Wind Tunnel
Sugatamitri discussing the phenomen of his Hole in the Wall experiments with children and self-teaching computer principles.


Occidental Arts and Ecology Garden Site
How to feed a school from the garden!!